Good Morning Possum

By Coral Vass and Sona Babajanyan

Out on the branch came a rum, rumble tum. Tree Mouse was hoping to share Blossom’s plum. With a ratter, tap, tap, and a squeal of delight, Mouse asked politely, ‘May I have a bite?’ 

The sequel to the much-loved best-selling book Goodnight Possum.

"Good Morning Possum is a gentle tale of sharing for the very young. It provides the opportunity to explore the notion of sharing and to introduce some of Australia’s bush creatures... A rhyming text with strong rhythm and repetition, ‘Good Morning Possum’ will encourage young children to predict and contribute to the reading. Recommended for pre-schoolers." - Aussie Reviews

"This is a great book to read out loud...The soft, gentle rhythm is consistent and the rhyme works.  This is a delightful happy story, perfect for sharing with preschool children." - Buzz Words