The Great Bird Poo War

By Coral Vass and Lee Wildish

‘Strutting his feathers down Cherry Tree Way,  Little Pukeko went walking one day. When all of a sudden, something went PLOP! SPLAT on his head! He was covered in slop!’

When a bird flying above plops on Little Pukeko’s head, he declares war – the ground-dwelling birds against the flying birds. The plovers, the parakeets, the cockatoos, the cuckoos, the blackbirds and the bluebirds – and many others – join in, and soon every bird is covered in slop! Who can put an end to this poo war?

A delightful story with equally delightful will appeal to the littlies because of the subject matter, poo! But it also provides a good lesson on the futility of war and the value of cooperation. - Sandysbookaday