Grandma’s Treasured Shoes

In stores March 2019

Grandma has oodles and oodles of shoes!
So why are these scratched and dusty old shoes so special?

This sensitively told story encourages children to understand the plight felt by refugees, in the past and today, and to appreciate the contribution that refugees have made in shaping this nation.



Winner of the 2018 Speech Pathology Book of the Year - Best Book for Language and Literacy Development Indigenous Children Award, and shortlisted for the CBCA 2019 Book of the Year Eve Pownall Award.

In a time ‘long ago and not so long ago’ children were taken from their parents, their ‘sorrow echoing across the land’. As the Prime Minister’s speech unfolds Maggie is reunited with her mother. But the faces and memories of the stolen generation are all around them.